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New England Views - Cape Ann Winter - Volume 1

Lighthouse Thatcher's Island, Twinlights, Sea Smoke, Sunrise

Welcome to New England Views, the site for New England Photography.  [Thatcher's Island Lighthouse, Sea Smoke at Dawn]

Good Harbor Beach, Thatcher's Island Lighthouse, Gloucester, Sunrise, Seagull

Cape Ann has an unmatched concentration of beauty, especially in the Winter.  â€‹From majestic snow-covered beaches and lighthouses, to scenes of everyday life for lobstermen and fishermen.  [Good Harbor Beach, December Early Morning]

Ice, Rocks, Waves, Storm, Halibut Point State Park, Rockport

Big storms here can make it challenging to get a close-up view.  [Ice and waves at Halibut Point State Park]

Rockport Harbor, Motif #1, Lobster Boats, Headlands, Gull, Cape Ann

When winter hits Cape Ann, there are still working boats in Rockport Harbor. With unpredictable and often severe weather, some boats haul in their gear till spring.  [Rockport Harbor, Lobster Boats, and Motif #1]

New England Lobsterman

New England lobstermen and fishermen are tough: enduring long hours, and frequent storms.  [Cape Ann Lobsterman Gussie Contrino]

Green Wave, Mist, Long Beach, Cape Ann, Rockport, Gloucester

Rough conditions can spawn churning waves, and spectacular surf.  [Long Beach Winter Waves]

Gloucester Harbor Panorama, Fishing Boats, Gull, Winter Ice

Bigger Cape Ann boats -and even some small ones- brave the icy conditions.  [Gloucester Harbor with Ice, Panorama]

Lighthouse, Thatcher's Island, Sea Smoke, Twinlights, Ice, Winter

When it’s below freezing on Cape Ann, Arctic Sea-Smoke can appear.  By mid-morning the frosty blue tones arrive, doing justice to the frigid temps.  [Thatcher's Island Lighthouse, with Ice and Sea Smoke]

Thatcher's Island, Sea Smoke, Rockport, Twinlights

On the coldest days, when the wind chill is -20, the ocean erupts in a cauldron of Arctic Sea Smoke, spiraling high above the ice-crusted lighthouses.  A rare and inspiring example of New England Views.  [Sea Smoke at Thatcher's Island Lighthouse]

Great Blue Heron, Marsh, Cape Ann

The wildlife on Cape Ann is well adjusted to the seasons.  This Great Blue Heron is fishing from a stream in the Marsh.  [Great Blue Heron in the Marsh]

Green Wave, Storm, Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester, Snow, Island

Gloucester’s Good Harbor Beach gets hammered by a storm.  In summertime the crowds are huge.  But clashing green waves, and icy wind-gusts, mean a mostly empty beach.  Except for the surfers... they love it!  [Winter Green Waves, Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester]

Annisquam Lighthouse, Gloucester, Sunset, Lighthouse Beach, Green Waves

This Cape Ann beach features a lighthouse view.  An oncoming storm sets the stage for winter’s mosaic of light and color.  Little green rippling waves belie the force and fury that follow.  [Annisquam Lighthouse, Winter Sunset]

Bass Rocks Gloucester, Storm Waves, Thatcher's Island Lighthouse, Twinlights, Gulls

Bass Rocks in Gloucester with crashing green waves, and gulls soaring in the wintry gale.  Thatcher’s Island with its two historic lighthouses, known as “Twinlights.”  [Bass Rocks Winter Storm Waves, and Thatcher's Island]

Fish Shack, Buoys, Snow, New England, Lobster Shack

And finally, what could be more New England than a Cape Ann Lobster Shack dusted with snow?  [New England Fish Shack]

New England Photography, Mark Kanegis

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New England Photograhy, by Mark Kanegis 

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